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"I used my last piece of Sneaky Peat this weekend& am watching the mail for the new shipment - My mouth is watering already!!"
Robin W Ashland VA Jun '09

"I'm grateful for the introduction and hints to grilling with Sneaky Peat - everything is delicious and I need 10 lbs more!"
Hal W Arlington VA May '06

"The neighbors keep peeking over to see what we're cooking on the grill - Sneaky Peat is wonderful"
Jennifer '05

"LOVE THE STUFF. You totally rock!"
Wayne & Jeannine J Voorhees NJ Dec '03

"Thank you, thank you. You dont know how much I've missed Sneaky Peat. I'll grill again in ecstasy this weekend!"
S Mattingly Youngsville NC Jan '04

"I'm using SP at least once a weak on almost everything. I really enjoy using the fines in the drip pan for food requiring less heat . We're hooked on it"
Mitchell Burns
Nashport, Ohio '03

"Believe it or not I have a puck lasting several grills - and nothing has that brassy taste of chips alone"
Walter R Signal Mtn TN Oct '03

"You made my wife's day with the assortment package. Everyone loves anything I grill with Sneaky Peat"
Todd S Williamsport MD '03

"We're desperate for more SP. Since our first purchase 2 months ago, we're hooked." AJ & Lisa E King George VA '03

"I've been using hickory & mesquite for years on my Weber kettle ... but Sneaky Peat really is a flavor unto itself." Chip H Richmond VA '03

"Seeing, smelling & eating is believing. We're thrilled with Sneaky Peat." Trish & Tony C Camp Hill PA '02

"Sneaky Peat is great. I have gone from using it once in a while to exclusively .... a toast to you and Eire" Dr. Frederic S
Savannah, GA '02

"Wow, that aroma is good. Pity we cant BBQ over the stove- top?" Deane B Pietermaritzburg South Africa '00

"There's something truly magical in flavouring one's meal with herbs and flowers of an ancient Ireland" Jerry J Pittsboro NC '99

"BBQ's my passion but Sneaky Peat's my new love - visit my site" Robert Taylor

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"3 or 4 Pork Shoulders, Salt & Pepper, & small pieces of 3 SP pucks for NINE hours cold smoking and then ... Party-Time! My friends insist on me & SP" David B Savannah GA Aug '03

"Sneaky Peat's much better in a smoker than the woods my two uncles use. Our beef roasts were gems" Trish C Camp Hill PA '02

"I slow-smoked the brisket for 5 hours but they quick-ate the brisket in 5 seconds!" MA Louisburg NC '99

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"Send me another order - I've doubled the payment. Slán."
B Mahoney PA May '06

"We had our first Home Turf peat party and it took me to Co Kerry. With the Guinness in front of the fire I was more than satisfied" Virginia G Glendale WI Oct '05

"Your AromaLogs work so well - send us another 30!" Patrick P Western Springs IL '03

"They are so effective even our neighbors enjoy the aroma"
Marissa O Arlington VA '03

"We're enjoying the AromaLogs tremendously"
Roger P Queenstown MD '02

"My favorite smell I've never smelt before!" Bill & James G Richmond VA '01

A run of chilly nights, a stoking of our wood fire, a piece of Sneaky Peat. Oh my, what an incredible scent." Karen A Williamsburg VA '00

"We tried a small piece in a metal pot on our gas-fire. T'was instant Ireland in our home" AW Bethesda MD '00

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"Everyone loves your peat burners - please send 3 more."
T Connery Hamilton NJ Mar '06

"Just a BIG thank YOU. I love your burner designs, they are beautiful. And we sure enjoy our peat."
Phylis P Winchendon MA Apr '06

"Thanks so much. Can't wait to see my brother use this."
MA Baker NY NY Apr '06

"Thanks for your burners and the peat from home. I'll get some more when I return from Ireland."
M P Coogan The Villas NJ Mar '06

"Thanks a lot Pete for the peat and burner"
MD Lynch Bonegat NJ Mar '06

"Your burners promise to be a very effective special effect for our Irish Play. Thank you very much"
ME Carraway West Bloomfield MI Jan '06

"I kept my delightful burner going all evening with a howling Nor'easter blowing outside. In the morning I lit it again. The aroma is heavenly"
Gloria G East Falmouth MA Oct '05

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"I sent out the Irish Pub Packs to my family & friends & everyone cant wait to try them out"
Anne B Montgomery Village MD '02

"I passed the peat along as gifts, but enjoyed the samples for myself - looking forward to more!" Mark M Gahanna Ohio '02

"The packs are going to make my daughter very happy this Christmas" P Kearney Charleston SC '01

"Such a lovely idea. SP was added to all the holiday gifts." CC Phoenix AZ '01

"I received your wonderful Irish BBQ packs as a gift. Now I need more - promptly!" Daniel B Pittsboro NC '00

"The pub packs make such a complete Irish gift" CO'S Phonenix AZ '00

"I bought 3 packs for myself, but my friends left me only Hickory!" BF Baltimore MD '00

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"We're grillin' everything with Sneaky Peat from beef & chicken fajitas to elk burgers. Right now it's 2 NY Strips slow grillin' using 1 puck - my heritage calls me across the ages everytime the aroma wafts all around." D&J Davis Columbus OH Aug '05 & Mar '06

"I love this stuff. Pork loin, ribeye, chicken - its all great. A little goes a long way. Great value!"
Tony J McDonald TN May '04

"I cooked my entire Easter meal on the 2 grills with the peat (chicken, potatoes, sausage and mussels). I had no leftovers!"
Laura McM White Plains MD April '04

"I used one puck for my Tandoori Chicken on Sunday and the results were great!" Chip Holloway Richmond VA '03

"We're Smokin' 'em with Sneaky Peat - from hot dogs to whole hogs! Its just great." Eddie H Pylesville MD '03

"I only needed 1/2 the peat you sent for our pig roast. Everyone said it was good" Richard Petersen Pickerington OH '02

"A new grill, a first time, and our chicken & steaks simply GRAND" Happy & Tom FL '02

"Dad's turkey breast on Sneaky was his best 4th July cook out yet" J Crosson III Knightdale NC '01

"I was introduced to SP by a Chef when judging a BBQ contest in Ireland. Where can I get more in the US? Its the best!" JR Tupelo MS '00

"At last the kids and their friends love my burgers! Of all words, they say SP's 'cool'!" D Riley Raleigh NC '99

"From light up to after-glow, my SP rack of lamb BBQ was a festival of atmosphere, aroma and taste. Memories of Ireland" M Cross Cape Town South Africa '98

"Our slow-smoked boneless shoulder over here was better than any Va ham! And I'm American!" JG Donegal Ireland '97

"I was amazed at the taste that Sneaky gave to pork ribs" RC Massachusetts USA '97

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" Butterflied venison tenderloins and a small puck of Sneaky Peat? Grand combination!" Walter R Signal Mtn TN Oct 03

" I suggested 'bear breasts' with SP to my wife, but she burnt them leaning over the coals with Sneaky!" Randy I Pendragondale VA '01

"SP is exceptionally good with duck and venison" JF MD '97

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"Wanna know about Irish peat & fish? I'm a fisherman who owns an Irish Pub and cooks with Sneaky Peat - any more questions?" Hal at Finnegan's, Cape Hatteras NC '06

"If anyone asks you how Sneaky Peat works with swordfish, salmon or
tuna, tell them you have a customer in PA that won't grill without it! ,"
Mike K Pottstown PA '03

"We've been experimenting and love what it does for farm-raised catfish and vegetables," Barry & Randy Norfolk VA '03

"Atlantic Salmon & Sneaky Peat - deeeeeelicious!" C Garrett Colonial Heights VA '01

"Your pub packs, our gas grill, fish and shrimp - Fanjubulous!"
K Andrews Williamsburg VA '01

"First the Sneaky Peat, then the skewered shrimp in olive oil, lemon & Old Bay ... then Oh Boy!" C Dowley Fresh Mrkt Wake Forest NC '01

"I went straight home and BBQ'd the Mahi ... are you sure this stuff isnt addictive?" F Fletcher Wake Forest NC '01

"I tried your stuff with some Tuna like you showed me - Wow" T Harris Wake Forest NC '01

"The Irish Peat smoked fresh seafood samplers are great for the market" B Johnson Fresh Market NC

'"Sneaky Peat gave us the best smoked salmon my wife's ever tasted. At least I shared in the aroma!" A Gibson Manchester England '98

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"It was very good and a fun way to eat a potato" Bedie H Charleston Scottish Games SC 200I

"I can't get the taste out of my mind. Are you willing to part with the recipe?"
J Shea Virginia Beach VA 2001

"Honestly, the best potato I've had in years" Stephanie of Cucanandy NC 200I

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"Been a while since I sent praise,but after making dinner last night with Sneaky Peat my wife bought me for a present, I had to send more. We bought a smoker recently just to take full advantage Sneaky Peat and I've been smoking nearly everything with it. This time it was a tomato sauce. Smoked the tomatoes, peppers and onions before I cooked it all down in a pot.Added some fresh sage, basil and oregano from the garden, along with garlic, salt and pepper, honey and a dash of Limoncello. It was awesome! We really don't want the sauce any other way now."
D&J Davis (see For Pizzas below) Freelance Writer (link)Podunkville FX Co-Founder
Columbus OH Aug '09

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" Just had to add this one. I've been grilling everything under the sun with the pucks. Grilled a pepperoni PEATzza the other day. That tasted amazing! Peat- smoked grilled pizza, my absolute favorite yet!"
D&J Davis Columbus OH May '06

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"I really appreciate all your help"
S Finical Akron OH '05

"TU very much for remembering and your promptness"
The Joneses

"Its been a pleasure dealin' with ya"
John July '05

"Thank you so much for your help on my child's project. She received an A+ AND an extra credit for authenticity. How quickly you came through for us"
Jancy H Muskegon MI Jan 04

"Danger averted - Sneaky Peat arrived in time! Thank you so much for your quick response"
R McClelland Baltimore OH Jun '04

"Thanks again for your excellent customer service - She really enjoyed the pub pack"
Tara S Wilmington DE Dec 03

"Thanks so much for the speedy turn around - you've got a new loyal customer"
J Brennan Doylestown PA '03

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Kay S Roanoke VA '02

"T'is a pleasure doing business with SP"
Darlene B Corinth TX '02

"What a splendid service"
Morgan D Baton Rouge LA '02

"What a lovely feeling to pop into a friendly Irish pub to collect my peat"
M O'Connell Raleigh NC '03

"Thank you for everything so promptly."
Karen K Ontario Canada '02

"I am especially grateful for the effort you made."
A Greer Lynchburg VA '01

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"SP doesnt compete with anyone - whatever you do complements everyone" Stokes McK St Patrick's Irish Festival Richmond VA'01 - '06

"With SP we were treated as friends, not customers" Chasity & Charles St Patrick's Day Parade Raleigh NC '02 - '05

"You rocked!"
Tom R Celtic Fling PA '02 - '05

"Please bring Sneaky Peat to Milwaukee's Irish Festival in '04" Tom O'C Milwaukee Irish Fest at Dublin Irish Fest OH '03 - '05

"How do you say "Awesome" in Irish?" Padraig & the Golds Richmond Celtic Festival VA '01 - '05

"We're glad you want to return this year. You were definitely a hit last year." Bonnie A Cincinnati Celtic Music Fest '04 - '05

"Lots of compliments about your novel booth, Sneaky Peat and of course you. Thank you" Sue W Savannah Irish Festival GA '02 - '04

"Sneaky Peat was just great - thank you" P Davis So. Maryland Celtic Festival '02 - '04

"Your presentation is fabulous ... and that's what we want at our festival" Mary E A Ettridge Heritage Fest VA '04

"Thank you for your sparkling, delicious and fragrant contribution to our festival. Pencil us in for 2002 ... & 2003!" Chesapeake Celtic Festival MD '01 - '03

"It was wonderful to have your gig at the games ... really liked your 'bug spray'! You were missed by everyone in '02. A special welcome back in '03" Charleston Scottish Games SC '01 - ' 03

"... many, many great things about your grillin' and yourself ... truly hope to see you next year" Williamsburg Scottish Games VA '0I, '02 - '03

"You contributed more to our festival than you know. I still receive compliments"
D Nichols Aiken Highland Games GA '02 - '03

"... a welcome addition to our festival!" Karen D Sedalia Celtic Festival VA '02 - '03

"As far as interesting characters go, the winner had to be a guy selling Sneaky Peat ... quite a trip ... and ... the taste was delicious." Debi W Cincinnati Celtic Music Fest '03

Visitors to the festival told us how much they enjoyed visiting your tent" K Lewis Tri Valley Celtic Festival OH '03

"Bring back Sneaky Peat next year, and keep our tent next to his!" Committee Booth, Celtic Music Festival Bethabara NC '02

"Have this Leprechaun as a a token of appreciation" St Patrick's Association Emmetsburg IA '02

"Sneaky Peat was by far the festival's tastiest food ." Juls Skivers Gloucester VA '02

"Thank you ever so much for Sneaky Peat's presence. A big hit. A highlight of the festival" Granny Moon Lughnassadh Fest VA '01"

"I told people about the great product you sell. I'm spreading the word" 'Doc' Lughnassadh Fest VA '01"

"You were an asset. Our booth wouldnt have been noticed without your booth" Daphne & Bill B Mumfest NC '01

"Sneaky Peat's O'Riginal Irish Sword Potatoes are delicious" Sharon H Irish Fest Raleigh NC '0I

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"And ye'd be tellin' me that folks in the US are still trying to BBQ wit' wood chips?#*$%#!!!" SP Leprechaun Ireland Today